Snail Trail rediscovered


2015-07-15 15.15.02

Having a little clear out of my craft cupboard the other day and I discovered this little piece. The block is called ‘snail trail’ and I made it a few years ago just because it was a design that really appealed to me. I still love the way the pattern jumps out and plays tricks on the eye.  It was made mainly from left over oriental fabric I had left over from a lantern quilt that I made.

It’s only a small piece and I could never quite decide what to do with it. It could be a small wall hanging or I suppose I could make some more blocks and borders to make it into a lap quilt…hmm any suggestions?

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  1. Wondered where you found the pattern for it? I would frame it with borders and make a small wall hanging. Had I made it myself, I would send it on the Ms Snail at The Snail of Happiness. 🙂 I am thinking of making something a bit less complicated for her though. I love it and all the Asian fabrics. Have a few myself to use. Hmmm.

    • Thanks Marlene and glad you like it. It wasn’t really too complicated, just a matter of making some templates. I have a book called quilt recipes showing all different blocks and this one just appealed to me. Hope you find something exciting to use your Asian fabrics on 🙂

      • Thanks for the information. I’ll check it out. I have a lot of Asian fabric that I would like to make a jacket from as well as a quilt. My daughter has hers and we are still trying to get her to sit and just do it. Maybe in the fall when life slows down again. 🙂

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