Woollen Recycle – Update no.2


2015-07-22 16.52.40

Remember all that time ago when I visited the local op shop and came home with some bargain woollens.  I made a few things which you can see here:  Recycle Update  and as you can see above I have found a new purpose for the remainder of the felted wool.

At the time I brought it home, I put it on the hottest wash possible to create felted wool that I would be able to cut and sew like fabric.  That gave me the idea to try it for teeny tiny dolls clothes (added to the fact my knitting and crochet skills just aren’t that crash hot).  I really wish I could be like others I see who can just churn those little items out while they’re waiting for the kettle to boil…unfortunately I’m not one of them. So I have sewn a couple of little jackets which I then embroidered:

Tiny purple jacket

Tiny purple jacket

brown felted doll's jacket

brown felted doll’s jacket

The 'models'

The ‘models’ keeping warm

I would love to hear of any other felting adventures.  I aim to make some slippers at some point when I can find a suitable pattern (I did try making my own but it was fairly disasterous)! I just think they would be so lovely and warm…I should point out we are still enduring the cold snap in Melbourne, probably not relevant to those in the Northern hemisphere at the moment basking in the sunshine (enjoy it while you can) 🙂

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  1. Pretty damn cold in Cape Town as well right now! I’ve never tried felting, not sure what it is about the process that isn’t appealing to me. But I do love felted items, and your little jackets are too sweet. Adding embroidery is brilliant.

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