Daily Prompt: Menagerie


Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

In 2010 a momentous decision was made…. to get a dog! What a momentous decision it was and I have to admit I had a few sleepless nights and several bouts of cold feet before the little 4 legged friend arrived!

For me, it was a harder decision than the one to have children believe it or not, probably because I always knew I wanted them! A dog however was a different prospect – I had never grown up with one and felt it was such a huge responsibility – the walking, picking up poo, training, finding someone to look after them when you go on holiday etc. etc. and I also knew that no matter how many promises were made by the children, ultimately the main responsibility would come down to me.

Well the day came and we brought the little guy home – named him Goober after a character in Sponge Bob Square Pants (not my idea obviously)! And here he is on his arrival:

New member of the family

New member of the family

Just the right size for a Viszla

Just the right size for a Viszla

Vizsla cuddle

Vizsla cuddle

Of course we all fell instantly in love with him and he gradually took over the whole household and now he is like the central point of affection for everyone in the house. He keeps me fit by insisting I walk him every day and has a way of making all members of the household happier.

There again any chair can be made to fit!

There again any chair can be made to fit!

I can’t say he’s one for dressing up but when he’s asleep, well thats a different story….

2012-02-10 22.34.35

And when it comes to Christmas he really likes to get into the spirit of things!

It really is hard to imagine life before we had him now and I have become one of those people I never imagined I would become… you know those annoying ones who talk about their dog all the time!

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  1. We had a dog for almost 18 years, a border collie called Tosh. It was like losing a member of the family when he died so we didn’t get another dog. Dogs give you unconditional affection and unlike children, they don’t answer back! . I hope you have many happy years with your dog. Our son was nine when we got Tosh as a puppy and they were lifelong mates.

  2. Big hug for Goober. Just off to take Molly dog for a (slow) walk and then a haircut. She is almost 11 now and that is old for a Bouvier. I want to wrap her in cotton wool and protect her from the effects of old age but time marches on.

  3. From one dog lover to another – this world would be a sadder place if it wasn’t for our wonderful four legged companions.

  4. What a nice puppy! (all dogs are always puppies and cats are always kitties no matter how old!) What breed is he?
    We have a large yellow lab (Honey) and a small short haired havanese (Mojo). Love them both so much! The lab is 8 and getting arthritis. The havanese is 3 and full of beans. They are the best buddies! We also have a brother and sister back cats. (Spice and Sugar). I wanted chickens, but truthfully it would be too challenging to find chicken sitters when we vacation! LOL.

    • Thank you Carol – we do always refer to him as a puppy (but of course he isn’t any more)! He is a Hungarian Vizsla which is a pointer/retriever breed. I wanted one because of their soft nature and he has lived up to that! It sounds like you have quite a menagerie yourself there – my neighbours had chickens for a while and we would feed them and lock them up at night while they were on holiday (freshly laid eggs as payment). 🙂

  5. There are days I miss having a dog, but then my son brings his puppy over and I know I made the right decision not to have one. Winter taking a dog out and picking up poop is not something I can do right now.

  6. What a happy-looking dog! It’s funny how sometimes we can agonize for weeks over a decision, and then when we finally go through with it, it turns out there was nothing to worry about. I went through something similar when I adopted my newest kitten a few months ago.

    • Thanks for visiting Laura and yes sometimes he really does smile especially if one of us has just come home! I have to say I loved your Tilda Swinton piece I had a sudden vision of you playing with the laser pointer to entertain your cat before going to sleep – very funny!

  7. Goober is adorable!! He looks very clever in his glasses. I felt exactly the same as you about getting a dog but like you am so thankful I let my children talk us into it. Although Ruby is very naughty she has become a big part of our lives and I can’t imagine her not being here. She is my faithful girl.

  8. Gorgeous dog. We bought a little Jack Russell just over a year ago and she has given our family a new lease of life. And our old cat doesn’t seem to mind either!

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