Cats and Aprons


At last the temperatures have come down to something a lot more comfortable in Melbourne but I have to admit that I had a serious case of brain-melt earlier in the week and found the idea of making anything quite a struggle.

However I did manage a couple of minor achievements so I thought I would share.

First of all I have had a bit of a hankering for making a quick and easy apron and when a friend told me that you could make an apron from ONE fat quarter I couldn’t wait to have a go and found this rather super tutorial here from Jaime at Prudent Baby. It was my kind of tutorial – clear, straight forward and easy to follow.

Fat Quarter apron

Fat Quarter apron

Australian print apron

Australian print apron

Blue Aussie Pinny

Blue Aussie Pinny

I have to admit I was very happy with the results and you really can make them in about half an hour! I was especially happy because the fat quarters I am using for the aprons were some very cheap ones I picked up at a craft show about 6 months ago (just because I didn’t want to come home empty handed)!

'Waltzing Matilda' fabric

‘Waltzing Matilda’ fabric

but they weren’t anything I would normally use in quilting. However they seemed to be just perfect for little pinnies and the blue one with its ‘Walzting Matilda’ motif and kangaroo would be ideal for a small overseas gift me thinks!

Then I decided I would have another go at the cat pattern I made some time last year as I had some lovely retro fabric I fancied using and this was the result:

Retro cat!

2013-03-15 15.42.50

Then I couldn’t resist taking one with his friend:

Retro cats together

Retro cats together

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  1. Cute and quick. I wish I could control my cooking mess to the size of a teeny apron that starts at the waist. Hmmm, make me wonder if you could add a bib if you used TWO fat quarters. What do you think??

  2. That Waltzing Matilda apron is lovely. It would make a great gift but could you bear to part with it? I don’t think I could bear to part with it.
    The cats are great and they look delighted to have each other as a friend.

  3. What fun! I love seeing fabric from other countries. I might not have noticed the kangaroo if you hadn’t mentioned it. 🙂 Looks like you got unstuck craft wise. Yay. And I am glad it is cooling down for you. We are waiting for a warm up. 3 inches of snow again today. Shall I send you some? LOL.

    • It was funny, when I bought the fat quarters, I didn’t notice kangaroos either – I just thought it had a kind of colonial feel to it. You are right it feels good to come unstuck – I think doing something different and not too taxing helps! Hope you are keeping warm and snuggly – time to do some knitting maybe??

      • No knitting for me! In a very short time I will be on vacation to sunny locations. Packing, packing, packing. 🙂 I am sure you would like cooler weather, but sunshine and sand is what I am longing for! Hope you are staying cool with perhaps a nice cup of iced tea. 🙂

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