Looking for inspiration or…..where has my mojo gone?


What can be more inspirational than cake!

What can be more inspirational than cake!

Well its a mighty good question and one I don’t suppose I’m alone in asking from time to time. Sometimes with the best will in the world, it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes its the things going on around you that just sap your creative juices.

I could probably blame it a bit on the weather as here in Melbourne we have had a couple of weeks where the temperature has been hovering around the mid 30s (Centigrade) and that makes me feel about as energetic as a limp lettuce!

However, the other day something did jolt me slightly out of my lethargy – another award!! (I really don’t feel at all deserving but anyway it gave me a big boost for the day) and here it is:


Yes I know I got the same one recently but I thought I wouldn’t get into too much trouble if I displayed the award again!

The nomination came from Carol at Life on a Dirt Road whose blog I really enjoy reading partly because I have always wondered what it would be like to live up a dirt road and away from city conveniences and also because she makes lots of lovely quilts and she makes me laugh. She also blogs in her PJs and drinks tea so she’s got a lot going for her! – go check her out.

As I haven’t been doing a lot of crafting just lately I thought I would share some photos with you as I believe its important to feed your creativity in those parched times. I got this idea several years ago when I read a book by Julia Cameron called “The Artists Way”. It is an absolutely brilliant book for anyone interested in living creatively and one of the exercises she recommends is making an artist “date” with yourself every week. Now this can be anything that inspires you whether it be a trip to the local fabric shop or a walk round an art gallery (basically anything that feeds your creative soul).

I went to Camberwell Market last week and also had a morning in the city so here were some things that inspired me:

2013-02-17 10.43.44

2013-02-17 10.40.54

Some interesting stamps

Some interesting stamps

Vintage lace

Vintage lace

...and teapots!

…and teapots!

Embroidered tablecloth

Embroidered tablecloth

2013-02-24 14.13.26

I was very happy with my $6 tablecloth which I think is so pretty. It is quite stained but I feel like plans are starting to stir within… and thats a really good feeling … keep you posted.

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  1. I have all of Julia Camerons books and love them. Even did a 12 week Artists Way workshop a few years ago. I’m pretty inspired by looking at your pictures. I don’t work well in the heat either. The brain melts.

      • I’m doing it again everyday. Writing Down Your Soul author, Janet Conner recommended it too. I light my candles, put on some meditation music and write as fast as possible . Three pages takes 45 min with the fast music, an hour without. I’m hoping to open some creative channels in my broken brain. 🙂

  2. It happened to me this year as well – and it was a DREADFUL feeling, but you just have to trust that your creativity is dormant, not departed! It will come back, in it’s own good time, although your visit to the market is a marvellous idea. I love the teapots (even though I don’t drink tea), particular the caravan one. It;’s really gorgeous.
    Try not to pressure yourself. Extreme heat (and we’ve also had it in bucketfuls and it’s not even over yet) doesn’t help at all, and sometimes we don’t realise how much external things beyond our control like the weather can affect us.
    Maybe you’ve already perked up since your post? Fingers crosssed for you 🙂

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. It really helps to hear about other bloggers’ experiences and I’m sure at some point I will get fed up enough that it will lead to some sort of creative splurge! In the meantime I will try to catch up with sewing on bindings 🙂

  3. Oh I love the pictures of the Market. Do you call it a Flea Market like we do here in the US? (no idea why it is called that. Maybe someday I will google it.) I LOVE looking at other peoples things. Sometimes I think the things are trashy, other times I want to take them and give them a new home in my house. 😀 It seems as the older I get the more I am fascinated with old things. Quilts, linens, tea cups. I even have an old stocking dryer form that I picked up at a rummage sale. My hubby was quite confused about the attraction, but it looks great in my laundry room. Thanks for the kind words about my sight. I am tickled that I can make you laugh. 😀

    • Glad you liked the pics and here in Australia we tend to call them trash and treasure markets for obvious reasons I suppose :). It was a really hot day but I loved walking around and looking at everything. I was pretty keen on on some brooches I saw but managed to restrain myself! There certainly is something special about old things – it’s like they’ve already lived a life. I think husbands often fail to understand why we get so excited about the things we do lol .

  4. That market looks great – so much wonderful and special things! I love all those old lace, stamps and the camper teapot! And cakes – oh, I could live with cakes (almost)! x Teje

  5. Congrats! Also thanks for sharing an interesting pst. What great finds you collected. Very nice tablecloth which could be worth more someplace else. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  6. Loved the Hopetoun Tea pic and the other interesting stuff. Now for a shout out.
    Jika Jika Community Centre. Corners Plant and Unions Street Northcote.
    This Sunday from 11 am until 3pm. 3rd March.
    Craft and garage sale.
    Come and meet me, bring some stuff to sell or just say hi.
    email me at gentlestitches@gmail.com
    or just show up. 🙂

  7. Lovely photo of the tea rooms. Mmmm. I have also recently recommended Julia Cameron’s book to a friend who was trying creative writing for the first time and struggling for inspiration. As I read your blog I have just taken the book off my bookcase – I think I will have another dip into it. Although at the moment it is time (or lack of) that I struggle with more rather than lack of ideas/inspiration.

    • Yes I think I am the same with too many distractions and not the best time management in the world! I think I must have lent my Julia Cameron to someone as I can’t seem to find it at the moment. I really found doing morning pages one of the most useful exercises ever.

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