Garden theme friendship quilt


These blocks I’m showing you are actually from our 2010 friendship group quilt. We chose the theme of “Garden” at the beginning of the year so that it would be nice and easy for people to come up with ideas and then we each had to come up with a design for a block which we would present when it was our turn for the monthly get together. The design could be either applique or stitchery as long as it had some connection to the garden theme.

Try to ignore the loose threads hanging (some of the blocks have been hanging about for a while)!

Some of the group had a lot going on in their lives so ended up not making all the blocks; they will probably use whatever they’ve got to make cushions out of. As you can see, this is not a high pressure group (thank goodness)!

There were 10 of us in the group at the time and here are my 10 finished blocks:
2013-01-10 17.16.54

2013-01-10 17.14.56

2013-01-10 17.14.38

2013-01-10 17.16.44

2013-01-10 17.15.29

The next one was probably my favourite block as I liked the combination of stitches and buttons:

2013-01-10 17.15.12

2013-01-10 17.16.30

2013-01-10 17.15.44

2013-01-10 17.15.54

The last block was my contribution although not my own design as I had it in an old magazine and thought it would fit perfectly with the theme:

2013-01-10 17.16.05

I hope you like them and I am now planning how I am going to put them all together in one quilt top. I have been playing around with a large centre block and will hopefully be able to show you that soon.

I love to hear how other friendship groups work and if you decide on a yearly theme or just work on individual projects. Let me know as we are always looking for ideas and I will show you some of the other things we have made in future posts.

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  1. I have been trying to pick a favorite from your blocks and can’t, I have been scrolling up and down trying to eliminate this one or that one, I have it down to 4 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. I remember plenty of crafting guilds and quilt groups growing up. People used to rotate who’s home they would go to each month for their get-together. Today I can’t find anything like that around here.

    • Yes I’m looking forward to getting it to the next stage of getting it into one piece. I forgot to say as well, I decided when I started this quilt I was only going to use fabric I already had in my stash and so far I have stuck to that!

      Have you thought about putting a notice in your local quilt or craft store on starting your own group? There are bound to be other like-minded people out there. Could be fun 🙂

      • I love that you only used fabric on hand, you can pat yourself on the back at how much you saved making it when done. I wanted to learn to quilt so badly because I couldn’t afford the beautiful quilts I had seen for sale. I’m not very good at it, but I plan to keep trying when the situation presents a reason.

        We don’t have a local craft or quilt store here. The closest shop is 15 miles from here, so no I haven’t done so as I don’t want to commute. The only group thing I’ve done lately is when my one neighbor stops down and brings something something she’s working on. We sit and visit while each working on separate projects.

  2. I love the fact that some are needle work and others are patch quilted. it makes it so specail. I love the daisy and butterfly its beautiful – i might be “borrowing” that idea for my next blk.

  3. It will look amazing when it is combined together. The blocks are beautiful, but I have a favorite. I am partial to chickens and really like the block with the mama hen and chicks. I look forward to seeing it stitched together in one piece.

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