Peace, Joy, Lego houses and quilting in the holiday season!


2012-12-23 21.07.36

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Our Melbourne Christmas was a fairly relaxed and quiet affair but enjoyable all the same.

We have a street BBQ every Christmas morning and this year it was our turn to host it so there we were at 8.30am cooking up sausages outside our house waiting for neighbours to arrive. Its always a great way to catch up with neighbours you generally only wave at throughout the year and a nice way to welcome and get to know new residents.

We even have a trophy lego house that gets awarded each year to the house with the most noticeable improvements! You then get the honour of keeping the ‘trophy’ (its supposed to take pride of place on the mantle piece) all year and awarding it to whoever you feel most deserving the next Christmas!! Just a bit of fun really but it always creates a lot of laughter.

The rest of the day was spent with friends – eating (way too much), laughing and generally relaxing.

When we got home in the evening (ready to drop) it was time to phone family on the other side of the world and it always feels strange that just as we are coming to the end of our Christmas celebrations, they are just starting theirs. When I first came to Australia this was particularly difficult for me but I have to say that as we have gradually developed our own ‘traditions’ over the years and our children are now teens, it no longer upsets me – so thats a good thing!

What else have I been doing over the last week …. well I managed to finish the small lap quilt I showed off last time – the one I made with the tumbler blocks, cut from the Go Baby, fabric cutter.

2012-12-23 19.06.55

I had a go at quilting this one myself as it was quite small and decided just to do wavy lines vertically and horizontally with a variagated pink thread.

2012-12-23 19.07.41

I carried on the wavy line quilting in the borders and for the first time had a go at completely machine binding a quilt – sewing onto the reverse of the quilt and then folding it over to the front and machine blanket stitching on the front. One major thing I learned was, always cut your binding strips at least 2″ wide and not 1 3/4″ like I did (it was a struggle to say the least)!

2012-12-23 19.07.18

As I mentioned in my last post I didn’t really have a purpose for this quilt when I started it but then of course the tragic events in Connecticut and the comment left on my Mad Cows Day Out post on December 12th by sowninpeace meant this quilt did have a purpose after all. I hope it gets to its destination safely and helps in some small way.

Wishing you all love and happiness for the holiday season.

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  1. Your quilt turned out beautifully! It is fantastic that you are so close to your neighbors to have a Christmas cookout and the idea of the lego house for the most improved is such an incentive to take care of not only the inside but the outside of our homes. I would love to see more neighborhoods get together more it would definitely make people feel safer.

    • Thank you and yes its surprising how much difference it makes. We have lived here for 13 years and it was already running back then – it was a really quick way to get to know people and feel like we are looking out for each other (without living in each others pockets)!

  2. I got to go to a street party in my Melbourne neighbourhood this year, too, in the weeks leading up to Christmas. One of the people present is a minister who said grace while standing at the barbecue – first time I’ve ever seen that, and I’m *still* processing it.

    Do you have a walking foot? If not, I really recommend getting one for your quilting. I find mine really handy. Maybe you could get yourself a little extra gift like I did today at Spotlight (actually several, gifts, but who’s counting, right?)

  3. Ahh yes the minister – we have one that pops in to our Friday morning craft group at the church and insists on giving us a mini sermon every week. He hasn’t worked out yet that if we wanted that, we would come along on a Sunday lol!

    To answer your question on the walking foot – yes I do have one as I got a new Brother machine a couple of years ago at one of the shows and got a few things thrown in, such as a walking foot so I use it quite a bit. The main trouble I had with this quilt was the basting – I decided to go with the spray on glue which on its own is just not enough. Oh well live and learn! Thanks for popping by.

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