Up the garden path (with a dog)!


Well actually I don’t know whether this is a garden path quilt but I do know that I started it on a retreat about 3 years ago and I’m mighty relieved that I finished stitching on the binding last night at our monthly get together. Wow what a good feeling (must remember to do the lable though).

I started it after finishing a quilt for my mum’s 80th which was a mixture of pink, cream and green florals and thought I had better use the left-overs up, so having seen a friend make a similar pattern I made the triangle blocks up and in between placed a nine-patch and this was what I got.

I machine quilted it myself using the diagonal lines as a guide.

Finished at last – garden path quilt

I can’t say that these are my usual colours I would choose and I had some serious reservations about the dark green but still it has a bit of old fashioned charm and will still be nice to wrap around on a cool night!

Photographer’s assistant just helping out!

By the way if anyone does know the name of this pattern, feel free to let me know but I won’t be changing the title as it took me long enough to think of this one!

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  1. I have yet to do machine quilting myself. I have taken my quilts to be quilted by someone who knows how to. I envy you being able to machine quilt. I have two quilts sandwiched waiting for me to have the courage to machine quilt them. Previously I have hand quilted a quilt and I no longer have the patience to do that again.
    I love your quilt. A great use of the scraps from your mum’s quilt.

    • I think I will only machine quilt small ones from now on as it takes too much of a toll on my shoulders and neck. A friend of mine does a lot of hand quilting and is going to give me a lesson but I wouldn’t have the patience to do a big one by hand. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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