The Mad Cows Quilt Challenge


OK so we’ve been meeting monthly for a few years now but it was only this year that we came up with a suitable name for ourselves – The Mad Cows and thought we ought to make that the theme for this year’s project.  So each month we take it in turns to come up with a suitable cow block design – reflecting something about ourselves and then we all make our own version of it.

So far I have only completely finsihed two of the blocks (slack cow!) and here they are:-

Di – the beach cow!

Di loves nothing more than lying on the beach with a good book to read so I thought I would give her some rather sexy sun glasses and a beaded bikini – She’s not quit as buxom in real life!!

Julie – my life is a “cowtastrophe”

Julie was feeling the pressure at the time so this is a reflection of a relaxed happy cow (how she would like to be feeling)….. good luck with that Julie. I gave her some rather charming hoop earings and her very own cow bell!

Having seen some of the other girls’ versions I think it will be really fun when they are done and they will all be very different.

Keep ya posted!

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