Baby Quilt: Blue and gray, stripes and plaid


A lovely quick baby quilt.

Rabbit Style News

I’m delivering my third baby quilt for Maggie’s Place this afternoon.  The recipient of this one requested blue, gray, white, plaid, and stripes.  I quilted it in wide wavy lines to soften the straight edges; the man of the the house said it reminds me of the ocean, which was nice of him to say.  I also quilted down the seam of every other stripe to reinforce it a little.  I ran out of the cloud-like flannel backing so added in a bit of the leftover sailboat fabric, which works with the ocean waves theme.  The finished quilt is 65″ x 46″.  (I’ve been making these “baby quilts” larger than traditional crib size for versatility as the babies grow.)

I enjoyed piecing this one with a new technique I hadn’t tried before that doesn’t involve much cutting.  I snipped into the fabric at the edge then tore it the rest…

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